MARCH for LIFE 2013 — Links for Life

Some links from other sites with important stories about the 2013 March for Life

March for Life — Cool video produced by students of Steubenville College really captures the spirit of the March for Life. It’s young, positive. It’s simply prolife.

The Ultrasound Generation — Cardinal Timothy Dolan’s message to teens and young adults:  I think of you as the “Ultrasound Generation.” You are different than any generation that came before you in that your very first baby pictures were taken not with you in your mother’s arms, but you alive in her womb.

C-Span — full coverage of the Rally for Life.  Highlights are:

  • National Anthem (00:46)
  • Sen. Rand Paul’s remarks (33.53)
  • Video Tribute to Nellie Gray (52:58)
  • Ryan Bomberger’s remarks (Radiance Foundation) (59:55) WOW!
  • Sen. Rick Santorum’s remarks (01:04:25)

Liberty and Justice for All: Roe v. Wade’s Betrayal — A Catholic World Report interview with Robert George, Princeton law professor at Princeton, pre-eminent Catholic intellectual, and “reigning brain of the Christian right.”