MARCH for LIFE 2013 — Very Much Alive

“The prolife movement is very much alive!” says Sean Miller who sent us this video. It will make you feel like you’re there, right in the midst of all the excitement. And below are his thoughts, inspired by the March.

On a bitterly cold January morning a group of 31 people boarded a bus to embark on a journey that would unite them with over 500,000 people. This day long journey will lead us to our nation’s capital. Every year at this time, hundreds of thousands of Americans unite at this destination to celebrate the gift of life. This celebration is marred with the unfortunate legalization of abortion which took place 40 years ago.

On this day, we urge the people in power to respect the sanctity of life. We pray that their hardened hearts open up so that they can be open to the gift of life. In particular, a life that is innocent, defenseless and most vulnerable. In our nation, which is known for being the land of the free we have discriminated against those that are powerless and cannot defend themselves. Perhaps, since they have no voice it is easier to do so. Well, on this day we stand in solidarity with one powerful voice pleading for the unborn that only ask for the “right to life.” How can a country turn its back on a completely dependent little baby? Since when is it inconvenient to care for those that are most in need? If this is the case than we truly are a poor nation. Our own selfish desires have filled our hearts with greed to the point that we have no room to care for an innocent little baby.

The fact that people attempt to justify such a killing shows how clouded our thinking has become. A country that was founded on generations of selfless acts has now become a country filled with “selfish attacks.” That is right…attacks! The womb is known as a place for warmth, growth and nourishment. It has become a battlefield of brutal attacks on life. When a home is burglarized the home- owners feel violated in an indescribable manner. The home of the womb is violated as the little soul that is seeking only care is unexpectedly taken from his home…from his existence. Why is this acceptable?

When this occurs 4,000 times on a daily basis in the United States of America how can we stand by silently? Another disturbing reality is that many Americans remain indifferent to this tragedy. When you discuss the abortion issue with many people they have the attitude that it does not directly affect them so why should they get involved? They might say, “I think abortion is horrible and I would never have one but I am not going to tell anybody else what to do.” If you agree that it is horrible than why would it be okay for someone else to do it? Would you say the same thing about an elderly woman that you witnessed being beaten and robbed? How could you walk away with an indifferent attitude?” If you did you would share in the guilt of the crime by a serious sin of omission.

Did God put us on this earth so that we live in our own “personal bubbles,” with tunnel vision? Are we called to just “mind our own business?” Are we just like cells that bounce off one another without any sense of responsibility for each other? I would like to think that the opposite is true. When we see someone in trouble it ought to be our moral obligation to help them. At least, we should offer the help even if it is not accepted. The worst case scenario for anybody is to feel that there is no help available and they are left all alone.

The couple that finds themselves in this situation goes through excruciating turmoil as they try to weigh their options. They need to hear from a third party that can offer them help and bring clarity to the situation. The couple needs to know that there are people that unconditionally want to love and care for them. These couples need to be shown the “bright side,” of the situation as they are provided with all the support they need. Gentleness and kindness need to be emulated to these couples that are in such a fragile state. In this way, the couples might be more prone to trust us so that they can more effectively get them the help they need. The main focus of the Pro- life Movement is to gently show the life-giving alternatives for the couple. Of course, nothing can be forced but it can be offered. With the combination of prayer and charity we can hope that the couple will find the courage to choose life for their baby.

Pro-life work is a delicate balance that involves supporting and guiding the parents with gentleness and love. As a result, the safety and care of the baby can be met as the parents witness the gift of their “little baby.” This is a movement of love and life. People that fight for the right to abort their babies have clouded reason that is distorted by selfishness and a lack of hope. Many times people give reasons to abort that have to do directly with them and not the child whatsoever. Common objections are: I am in college what about my education? I cannot afford a child right now, or what about my career? There are many other reasons. However, they seem to be blinded by their own desires because their alternative is the death of a child. Is life disposable?

The Pro-Life movement is a movement of love! The heart of the Pro-Life movement says, “Regardless of your circumstance we want to help you and your baby!” We will support you with love and care during this difficult time. We want to remind you of the joys of motherhood and the bliss that your baby will bring you. This movement is all about being there for each other. At no time should any mother ever feel so hopeless that she sees no other alternative but to abort her baby. This is a movement of love that wishes to celebrate the gift of life!

As people walked in the nation’s capital holding their signs, singing their songs and praying their prayers it was evident that our country is Pro-Life. Even though, the secular media will decide to ignore us, the liberal politicians will turn a deaf ear to us and the abortion industry will continue to prey on women while they are in an insecure state. We have come together this day to let all of America know that we are pro-life and we will never go away! The countless buses that have made the trip across the country, the innumerable sacrifices that people have made only strengthen our movement. This was evident when you witnessed the varied distances that people traveled just to be here. The age range was quite vast as well when you would see infants in their strollers and elderly people in their wheelchairs.

The most obvious sign of hope was to witness the young people as they sang and chanted lifting their joy-filled voices without hesitation as they carried an optimistic message of courage. This enthusiasm filled the air and reminded all of us that we are celebrating the gift of life. After all, that is what this day is all about, right? We are called to be a witness to “Life!” Committing ourselves to the unborn, to their parents and to the Lord is necessary. The Lord calls us to defend life as He is the Lord, the Giver of Life.

Next year, when January approaches you might ask yourself…should I go to the “March for Life?” Without hesitation your answer should be “Yes!” As a people of life we need to stand up for life in the public square. We need to be a witness to life! We need to do this at the annual ‘March for Life,” and all year long in our local homes. How can we do this? We need both prayer and action. First we need prayer, most especially to the Mother of us all, Mother Mary. Under the title, “Our Lady of Guadalupe,” our Lady is pregnant with our Lord and she will intercede for us as we seek her motherly guidance. Next, we need to act and that means going forth to these abortion facilities to pray, counsel, and witness to “life,” in the public square.

A good friend of mine shared a beautiful experience he had one time at an abortion facility. He felt the Lord urging him to go to pray at an abortion facility one Saturday morning. He was reluctant to go and really desired to remain in his warm and comfortable bed. However, the Lord kept on “tapping him on the shoulder gently but persistently. Finally, he decided to crawl out of bed somewhat reluctantly. He drove down to the abortion facility with eyes half- opened as he shook off the “morning cobwebs.” Once he arrived he noticed that nobody was there to pray or counsel to the couples. He was the only one there!

He decided to pray his rosary across the street as he knelt down. Some time went by and he noticed a young couple talking to one another quite intently. He remained praying and the young couple eventually walked across the street as they approached my friend. They came over to tell him that they decided to keep their baby and it was because that he was there. His presence made all the difference! His simple witness to life saved a life and not a single word was uttered. However, his witness to life was enough. I love this story because it makes it clear that God is calling all of us to be a witness to life. You do not have to worry about having the right words or anything like that. Simply go forth and pray. Then, let the Lord inspire and direct you. Let the Giver of Life give you direction. In this way, we will all stand together as a “People of Life.”