Good Morning

Sometimes the simplest words can break open with insights we never expected. Here guest-blogger Sean Miller tells of the impact of two words we all use every day.

Guest blogger Sean Miller

Guest blogger Sean Miller

Good Morning

Once on a beautiful Saturday morning, I overheard a woman say good morning to a co-worker.

This is something we all hear every day as we exchange pleasantries with loved ones and even total strangers.

 However, on this particular day the echo of those words stayed with me.

These were people who worked at an abortion facility. I was close by, attempting to give out pro-life literature so that couples would choose life for their baby.

Hearing that cheerful exclamation of “good morning,” left me in a melancholy mood. Never would these innocent unborn babies hear a “good morning” from anybody … ever! The irony of it all was striking. Here it was a beautiful morning, warm greetings were being exchanged  — and the cold reality for the unborn nearby was unthinkable.

In the matter of an hour or so these defenseless victims would be brutally dismantled in their mother’s wombs. There would be no morning for these babies, as there could be nothing good that could come from this act of brutality. Who would mourn for these forgotten victims? Would anybody remember them today or tomorrow?

Now, whenever I say or hear “good morning,” I can’t help but think of these little ones who have been robbed of their bright mornings here on earth.

So now, when the morning sun rises and God sheds His light upon us all I try to be mindful that He has blessed me with a “good morning,” and my heart should be filled with gratitude. The Lord, “the Giver of Life,” has granted us a “good morning,” and I wish to make it good for Him.

One of the ways to do this is to remember the unborn in our thoughts and prayers.

Another is to pray that couples in need will find the strength and courage to choose life. If it’s possible, I will witness to life where it is needed most, in the public square. This is where we will find the distraught couple. This is where we can help the helpless baby. This is where we can offer our support and truly wish to those in need a sincere “good morning.”

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