Voter Education Meeting Tonight

There will be a meeting of the Leaders of  Right to Life Groups, and all citizens from the following  districts: Rockland, Orange,Westchester, Putnam,  and Dutchess Counties
Wednesday March 12th –7 to 9 PM 
Indian Knanaya Catholic Community Center 
270 Willow Grove Rd..
Stony Point, NY (exit 14 on PIP –south make left—north make right) 
The purpose is for voters to question those running for office in the 17th and 18th Districts
invited include:
17th District                                            18th District
Christopher Day                                      Andre Barnett
Frank Morgenthaler                                Nan Hayworth
Nita Lowey                                              Sean Maloney
  If anyone knows of any others running for Congress in these Districts—please let us know.  Let the people listen and ask the questions!!!  Only an educated electorate can maintain a Republic… at the end of this we will have a short presentation by a member of a First Amendment Group—Catholics for Freedom of Religion explaining how they are getting groups started in different Churches…and why; any questions call John/Mary Ann Pennell  845 354 0557