Vote NO on Constitutional Convention

The New York State Right to Life Committee urges its members and affiliates to vote “NO” on Proposition 1 for a Constitutional Convention in New York. The concern is that radical pro-abortion groups would try to use the Convention to put a “right” to abortion at all stages of pregnancy directly into the New York State Constitution.

Be sure to vote on Election Day, Nov. 7 — and vote NO on this proposition (which may be on the back of the ballot).  The polls are open from 6 am to 9 pm.


A.1748 — New Abortion Expansion Bill Introduced in NYS Assembly

A new bill to expand abortion in New York (A.1748)  was introduced in the state Assembly and referred to the Health Committee on Jan. 12. Don’t be fooled by its supporters saying  they only want to “update” New York law to make it consistent with Roe v. Wade. This is far worse.

And before we get any further, you should know that Jim Skoufis, the Rockland assembly person representing Stony Point, is a co-sponsor of this bill. 

There’s an excellent, very readable discussion of the implications of A.1748 here (from the New York State Catholic Conference).

In short, it could lead to more third-trimester abortions, encourage late-term abortionists to set up in New York, empower non-doctors to perform abortions, force doctors and nurses stop participate in abortions, eliminate prosecution of criminal charges for violent attacks against unborn children, repeal legal protection for babies who survive abortions, and encourage abortion at all stages.

This bill has been fast-tracked and could be voted on at any time. Use this  link to send a pre-written email opposing this legislation directly to your Assembly representative.  It will only take a minute. Please do it today. We have to speak up!

Wednesday: Historic Vote to Ban Painful, Late Abortions

UnbornPain050815On Wednesday, May 13, the U.S. House of Representatives will take up a landmark pro-life bill that, if enacted, will save thousands of unborn children each year from a painful death.

The bill, the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, would protect unborn children from abortion, beginning at 20 weeks – nationwide.   By this point in development (and indeed even earlier), the unborn child is capable of experiencing great pain during an abortion.  This federal bill was developed on the basis of model legislation developed by National Right to Life, which has been enacted so far in 11 states.

Please email, call, or write to Nita Lowey, who represents Rockland in the House of Representatives. Ask her to please vote for H.R36, Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.

You can briefly cite one of the reasons from “Fetal Pain: The Evidence,” from the Doctors on Fetal Pain website.

To send an email to Rep. Lowey click here

Phone:  202-225-6506

Rep. Nita Lowey
2365 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515

Yep, There Are Some Prolife Dems

imageAnd here’s one of the best: NY State Sen. Ruben Diaz from the Bronx, who won the 32nd District Tuesday night, taking 96% of the votes.

Sen. Diaz is an outspoken opponent of abortion.

“I am a Democrat, but you know that the Cuomo agenda is a poison to me,” Diaz  told Newsday. “So as long as the Republicans need my vote to stop the Cuomo radical agenda, I will be with them.”


Balance of Power Shifts Prolife!

Election Night 2014 saw Republican candidates pick up enough votes to win control of the state Senate here in New York. And Republican victories across the nation have secured both the House of Representatives and the Senate in Washington!

While not all Republicans share our prolife views, the party has traditionally supported legislation to defend the unborn, so this bodes very well for the future.

The victory in Albany  — where the Republicans now hold the required 32-vote majority in the Senate — means that it is unlikely the controversial abortion plank of the Women’s Equality Act will advance anytime soon.

In Washington, the prolife margin in the House of Representatives was increased, while in the Senate, we picked up seven more prolife votes, with two more possible when the races are finally decided.

This means that prolife legislation that has already passed the House (like the bill that would prohibit abortions after the age that babies can feel pain or the bill that would stop taxpayer funding of abortion) will finally have a chance in the Senate at the next session of Congress.

Yesterday was an very important step forward as the right-to-life movement scored big gains in the mid-term elections.

Now, at first glance, it may seem that Election Night didn’t change things much in Rockland County.

After all the votes were cast,  Rockland still has only one prolife voice at the state legislature — Sen. William Larkin representing Haverstraw/Stony Point (Congratulations Sen. Larkin, and thank you for all you’ve done!!)

Yes, Gov. Cuomo and all the other proabortion supporters — Sen. Carlucci and Reps. Jaffe, Zebrowski, and Skoufis — as well as our Congresswoman Nita Lowey, are still in office.

However, remember we’re from a very “blue” neck of the woods. We have to hang tough and keep working and never give up.  But keep your eye on the state and national horizon. The sun seems to be rising there. And don’t forget that wherever there’s a prolife victory, it’s a win for all of us.




VotePLOn Nov. 4, we have the opportunity to play a role in deciding which way our country will go — whether more good laws are passed and more babies are saved, or more bad laws are passed, lengthening the shadow of abortion across our nation.

It all depends on who comes out to vote.

And please don’t think it doesn’t matter here in liberal, pro-abortion New York. Gov. Cuomo’s abortion agenda has been stopped in its tracks for two years now — thanks to the brave prolife legislators who were willing to stick their necks out and thanks to you who supported them.

But Cuomo has vowed that next time the abortion plank of his Women’s Equality Act will become law — and that could happen as early as January, if things go bad this Tuesday.

Below are links to some of the races that will be on the ballot in Rockland County, along with the voting records and positions of the candidates on legislation with tremendous ramifications for the inalienable “first right” — the Right to Life.

Compare the candidates, and get to the polls and vote your values on Nov. 4. Urge your family and friends to go too. Every prolife vote is needed!

U.S. House or Representatives — 17th Congressional District
Governor of New York
New York State Senate
New York State Assembly



Voter Education Meeting Tonight

There will be a meeting of the Leaders of  Right to Life Groups, and all citizens from the following  districts: Rockland, Orange,Westchester, Putnam,  and Dutchess Counties
Wednesday March 12th –7 to 9 PM 
Indian Knanaya Catholic Community Center 
270 Willow Grove Rd..
Stony Point, NY (exit 14 on PIP –south make left—north make right) 
The purpose is for voters to question those running for office in the 17th and 18th Districts
invited include:
17th District                                            18th District
Christopher Day                                      Andre Barnett
Frank Morgenthaler                                Nan Hayworth
Nita Lowey                                              Sean Maloney
  If anyone knows of any others running for Congress in these Districts—please let us know.  Let the people listen and ask the questions!!!  Only an educated electorate can maintain a Republic… at the end of this we will have a short presentation by a member of a First Amendment Group—Catholics for Freedom of Religion explaining how they are getting groups started in different Churches…and why; any questions call John/Mary Ann Pennell  845 354 0557

Astorino Announces for Governor

Rob Astorino, Republican gubernatorial candidate

Rob Astorino, Westchester County Executive, and declared gubernatorial candidate

It didn’t take the pro-abortion forces long to come out strong against Rob Astorino, who announced his campaign for Governor of New York last week.

Actually, NARAL Pro-Choice NY came out against him even before he formally announced, branding him as “bad for women and  bad for New York” because of his opposition to the abortion provisions in the Women’s Equality Act.

They’re upset because he called the bills provisions  “hideous” — an apt description.