Trump Executive Order: No U.S. Tax Dollars for International Abortion Providers

On Jan. 23, President Donald Trump signed an executive order prohibiting U.S. foreign aid from going to organizations abroad that perform abortions.This includes International Planned Parenthood. More here.

A recent Marist poll found that 83% of those American surveyed strongly or very strongly opposed using tax dollars to fund abortions abroad. Those surveyed included Republicans, Independents and Democrats.  Survey here, see p. 6.

Women’s March — Prolife Women Refuse To Be Silenced

womens-marchFrom The Loop (1/23), daily newletter of Catholic Vote

WITNESS // Pro-life women refused to be silenced when the Women’s March told them not to participate. Kristan Hawkins of Students for Life of America said: “Yeah so they wouldn’t let us in their march so we just ran ahead and got in the front.”

NY Assembly Passes Bills to Expand Abortion, Provide “Free” Contraceptive Coverage

Last night, the NY State Assembly passed two pro-abortion bills:

A. 1748, which could increase late-term abortions in the state, empower non-doctors to perform abortions, eliminate protections against unwanted abortions, and even jeopardize live-born children who survive abortion attempts. This passed by a vote of 97-49.  Voting FOR this bill: Ken Zebrowski (AD 96), Ellen Jaffe (AD 97) and Jim Skoufis (AD 99). A prolife vote AGAINST it was cast by Karl Brabenec (AD 98).

A. 1378, which requires insurance companies to provide “cost-free” contraceptive coverage, including potentially abortifacient drugs like the morning-after pill. Passed by a vote of 103-43. Again, voting FOR this bill: Ken Zebrowski (AD 96), Ellen Jaffe (AD 97) and Jim Skoufis (AD 99). A prolife vote AGAINST it was cast by Karl Brabenec (AD 98).

Also, keep in mind that “cost-free” coverage is not really free. Pharmaceutical companies were not giving away their contraceptive products last time we checked. Increased premiums from the insurance companies will probably cover the expense, and that could mean your money.

This bill left in place a provision from an earlier law whereby a “religious employer” may request a healthcare contract for its employees without coverage for these drugs and devices. That will work for organizations like churches, according to the law’s definition of what a “religious employer” is. Unfortunately, it does not protect the private employer who because of his religious beliefs opposes abortion or contraception.

Both these bills are versions of similar legislation, which the Democratic majority in the Assembly has been pushing through on a party-line vote each year. Fortunately, it never reached the floor of the Senate, where the Republicans have a slim majority — one vote this year. We must work to make sure these bills do not become law in New York.

A.1748 — New Abortion Expansion Bill Introduced in NYS Assembly

A new bill to expand abortion in New York (A.1748)  was introduced in the state Assembly and referred to the Health Committee on Jan. 12. Don’t be fooled by its supporters saying  they only want to “update” New York law to make it consistent with Roe v. Wade. This is far worse.

And before we get any further, you should know that Jim Skoufis, the Rockland assembly person representing Stony Point, is a co-sponsor of this bill. 

There’s an excellent, very readable discussion of the implications of A.1748 here (from the New York State Catholic Conference).

In short, it could lead to more third-trimester abortions, encourage late-term abortionists to set up in New York, empower non-doctors to perform abortions, force doctors and nurses stop participate in abortions, eliminate prosecution of criminal charges for violent attacks against unborn children, repeal legal protection for babies who survive abortions, and encourage abortion at all stages.

This bill has been fast-tracked and could be voted on at any time. Use this  link to send a pre-written email opposing this legislation directly to your Assembly representative.  It will only take a minute. Please do it today. We have to speak up!

Here Comes the Latest Attempt to Expand Abortion in New York

Yep, here it is — right on pg. 166 of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s  State of the State 2017 report:  Protect a Woman’s Right to Choose.

At first we were wondering what happened. Unlike Cuomo’s previous State of the State addresses where the governor thundered from the podium about his plans to aggressively expand “abortion rights” in New York, the news was oddly silent on this subject.

Instead the governor, in his regional State of the State address — delivered in several cities instead of just at Albany  — was confining himself to matters that were the proper business of the chief executive in New York: driving economic growth, infrastructure repair, higher education, and protecting citizens from cyberattack, among other things. You can agree with him or not on his signature proposals, but this is the kind of thing we’re paying him to deal with.

Yet, if you look at the written report  — and there’s 374 pages of it — there was the perennial promise to expand abortion in New York, codifying Roe v. Wade in the New York Constitution and thereby legalizing abortion in demand at any stage.

Not surprising, of course. On Jan. 4 Assembly Speaker Carl E. Heastie had already opened the new legislation session with the promise to enshrine Roe v. Wade in New York law this year. (transcript: scroll down toward near the end)

And last year, that’s what the  Assembly tried to do as one of their first orders of business in January. Rockland assembly members Ellen Jaffe, Ken Zebrowski, and Jim Skoufis all voted FOR this measure.  Karl Brabanec did not. Fortunately, the bill never came to a vote in the Senate and the session ended in June without it  becoming law.

But, the push to make abortion-on-demand at all stages of pregnancy a part of New York law will be coming up again in New York soon. We must be ready to oppose it. Stay tuned.

40 Days for Life Bus Comes to New York

bus-in-newburghOn Sept. 30, the 40 Days for Life Bus Tour came to Newburgh, N.Y., stopping before the Planned Parenthood office on Lake Street for a 30 minute prayer service.

A group of fifteen 40 Days Life for volunteers were there and about 20 people from Planned Parenthood (wearing pink in the photo).

“The bus kept driving slowly between us ” said a 40 Days participant. “The PP people pretty much stayed quiet the whole time.”

The tour is making stops in more than 125 cities to hold rallies and prayer vigils across all 50 states. Its purpose is to share its prolife message with the public and encourage the local volunteers who have taken up the challenge to pray for 40 days outside abortion facilities and Planned Parenthood offices. Continue reading

Life Chain Opens Respect Life Month


Standing up for Life at the 24th Rockland Life Chain, at the corner of Route 59 and Middletown Road in Nanuet on Respect Life Sunday, Oct. 2

To the 2016 Life Chain participants,

Thank you to everyone who came to the Life Chain. I hope you realize what your presence meant.

May I ask you this?  How many of the thousands of people who drove past us last Sunday would have given a moment’s thought to the subject of abortion if we hadn’t been there?

Hardly anyone.  It’s certainly not something most people think about much. It was a Sunday afternoon. People were out shopping, listening to the game on the car radio, maybe.

And yet, for a few moments at least, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM saw something that compelled their attention — that crowd of kids on the corner, the graceful nuns in their blue and white garb, the line of men and women of all ages along the roadside.


Children Lost to Abortion Remembered

rem-ab-childrOver 100 people gathered at the Marian Shrine in Stony Point on Saturday,  Sept. 10, for the fourth Annual National Day of Remembrance of Aborted Children.

Solemn prayer vigils were conducted at similar memorials and gravesites across the country on this day to honor our aborted brothers and sisters, most of whom never have a final resting place.

The service at the Marian Shrine was conducted by Rev. Thomas Ruekert, of the Salesians of Don Bosco, rem Ab KC.JPGand a visiting priest, assisted by Deacon Bob Pang from St. John the Baptist Church in Piermont, with an honor guard from the Knights of Columbus.

The National Day of Remembrance of Aborted Children is co-sponsored each year on the second Saturday in September by the Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, Priests for Life, and the Pro-Life Action League. (Photos by Robert Pang)

Atty General’s Opinion Would Expand Late-Term Abortion in New York

In the face of several failed attempts in the NY state legislature to change state law to expand third-trimester abortions, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is going the “legal opinion” route.

Holding that the U.S. Supreme Court rulings override existing state law, Schneiderman’s opinion now gives New York hospitals and clinics legal grounding to perform late abortions when the health of the mother — not just her life — is in danger.

The “health of the mother,” as defined by the World Health Organization, is “any condition that may impact her physical, emotional, psychological, or financial well being.”

The Supreme Court adopted this definition, effectively extending abortion on demand for the full nine months of pregnancy for nearly any reason you can think of, which is why on its face “health of the mother” is simply ridiculous.  Abortion should not be committed against an unborn baby for any reason at any time. And, according to the New York State Catholic Conference, Schneiderman’s move is an invitation for late-term abortion providers to “set up shop” in New York.